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How to find the ideal clients to fill your fitness classes

Who is your ideal customer? Or in other words, who will adore you and what you do? 🖤

The most common response is:

“Everyone! This class is perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Just work at your own pace and do what feels right for you …”

Often, we try to make our offering as open and inclusive as we can, to appeal to as many people as possible, and attract new clients. Unfortunately, this strategy has the exact opposite effect.

When you try to appeal to a broad audience, you sacrifice everything that makes your business unique and dilutes your message so much, that instead of appealing to everyone, you become so bland that you don’t appeal to anyone.

The way to attract new participants to your classes is to find your one perfect client and advertise directly to them and everyone like them.

So how can you attract more people by promoting to less?

To attract your true fans, you are going to have to highlight your businesse's personality, mission and values. Sure, that means that you might not appeal to everyone, but you will strongly appeal to the people who want exactly what you have to offer and as a result, attract your ideal clients to your classes.

Ask these 10 questions to identify your ideal clients and where thy hang out

Picture your one perfect client and answer the following questions about them:

  1. Where do they live?

  2. What do they enjoy doing?

  3. Where do they work?

  4. What do they wear?

  5. What do they eat?

  6. Where do they hang out online?

  7. What do they listen to?

  8. What do they watch?

  9. Do they have kids?

  10. What do they spend their money on?

Be super specific and don’t worry about making your audience too narrow. If you already have some die-hard fans, they are an excellent prompt for this activity.

Some companies get really creative with this. They choose an image of a person from a magazine, give the persona a name and write a mini-story all about their ideal client’s life. Their ideal client becomes their businesses focus and all products, services, offers and advertising is based on what that ideal client would love.

Once you have a clear profile of your ideal client, that person who totally connects with your business's personality, mission and values, make sure that everything you do in your business is done as if you are communicating directly to that ideal client.

Fill your messages with language and images that your ideal client would like. Speak the way that your ideal client speaks, share articles your ideal client would want to click on and read and provide offers your ideal client won’t be able to resist.

One Perth business that does this really well is Vital Beat. Kaye, the owner, knows her clients and she knows the vibe she wants to sell. Everything from the images and language she uses to the styling, music and studio atmosphere is curated to appeal to her squad.

It’s time for something different. Something with sass, beats, laughter, and good vibes. Join us for an hour of escape, and walk away stronger, calmer, and smiling. So step onto the mat and up to the speakers, and let the breath and bass guide you. We are yoga for music lovers. We are Vital Beat, and we’d love to share our sweet tunes with you. The question is, are you ready to get downward, dawg?

Now that you have your messaging sorted, you need to look at where to find these ideal clients. Remember, you know where they hang out so go to the social media accounts of the shops, cafes, blogs that they like best and start interacting with their followers. Like their posts, click over to their profiles, give some love to what they are sharing and follow the people that represent your ideal client.

You can also target your advertising to your ideal clients by including the things your know they like most in your ad targeting.

By getting super niche with your interactions and communication you will stand out to the people that connect with what you offer and start attracting your true squad of evangelists who are going to love everything that you do. These evangelists will also be your champions and help spread the word about your amazing business to their friends, share your posts on social media and provide you with testimonials and feedback.

If the idea of being more targeted still scares you, keep in mind that in metropolitan Perth alone we have a population of approximately 1.6 million people, which should give you plenty of ideal clients within your niche.

Even super niche businesses can find success, you just need to balance your potential client base with product/ service value. If your niche is very small, will the price of your product provide customers with enough value while providing you with enough income? If there aren’t enough people in our population willing to pay for what you have to offer, it’s time to take look at your offerings and target market.

5 Minute Business Boost

Grab a pen and paper and answer the ten questions above right now. ✍️ Get a really clear picture of who your ideal client is and then the next time you post on social media, share as if you are communicating directly with that one perfect client then jump onto other social accounts you know they follow and start liking their comments. Their curiosity to see who just gave them some love might just send them to the post you just put up.