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How group fitness instructors use HealthyGirl HQ

Group fitness is one of our first loves. HealthyGirl HQ developed in my mind during my own days as a group fitness instructor, wanting to be able to take online bookings, know how many people I was going to have in class and protect my income from the elusive no shows.

I built HealthyGirl HQ to do all of those things, as well as some super juicy extras. Let me show you how group fitness instructors use HealthyGirl HQ.

1. As an online shop for your classes

You may or may not have your own website, either way, HealthyGirl HQ provides you with shop front that can be connected to your website, social media or stand alone as your home online to list all of your events, classes and sessions, and accept online bookings.

As well as your logo, address, phone number and business information, your personalised business page showcases each of your classes perfectly styled class images of your choice, class locations, prices and star ratings.

Basically this is like a mini website for all of your classes providing a home for your clients to look at your photos, read all about your classed, check days and times, read and leave reviews and book a session.

2. To accept bookings and set cancellation terms

From your shop front, clients can purchase class passes, book multiple or single sessions and purchase your merchandise and downloadable products such as meal plans.

You will get an instant alert letting you know each time you have received a booking or sale and your payments will land in your bank account after being securely processed.

You can also set your own cancellation terms and conditions, helping you to protect against no shows that leave your pocket empty.

3. To sell multi-class passes with an expiry date

Multi-class passes are a group fitness staple and a great earner. However, they can have their down side when clients try to use them after two years away because they still have three stamps left.

As well as listing your classes, you can also sell multi-class passes on your business page. When a client buys one of your multi-class passes, the number of sessions they purchase will be credited to their account. They can then use those credits to book classes.

The great thing about this is that you don't need to print passes or track them as it all happened automatically in the clients account. You can also set an expiry date for when the credits will expire and disappear from the clients account.

4. To get your clients to bring their friend

This is one of my favourite features of HealthyGirl HQ. Every time a client books into one of your classes they will be asked to invite a friend and provided with social share links for Facebook, Messenger, What's App and email.

Fitness classes are a social gathering and helping clients to invite friends not only makes workouts fun for them but also helps to promote your business to new clients. The great thing about this type of promotion is that it is authentic, coming straight from a friend, and it won't cost you a thing.

5. To generate class reviews

Real reviews are super powerful. Just think about where you do most of your research online when looking to buy something you haven't purchased before. Despite this, as small business owners we often forget to ask for reviews.

To remedy this and create floods of social proof for your classes, after each booking clients automatically receive an email requesting a review. Your new client reviews will then automatically display on your classes helping you to attract new clients.

6. To send auto class reminders

Now that you have pre-sold your class bookings online, clients are more likely to show up, even on cold rainy nights. But to go one step further, auto reminders have also been built into HealthyGirl HQ.

12 hours before a booking, your clients will automatically receive an email reminding them of the date, time and location of their booking.

Full classes are the best. Atmosphere plus!

7. To reward client loyalty

The client reward system is another one of my favourite features that is built in to HealthyGirl HQ and and allows you to build awesome incentives that build client loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

You can create your own reward system (or choose not to) and heres how it works.

As a business owner you decide how much money a client has to spend to receive a free class. Once a client has spent that amount of money with you, a single class credit will automatically be added to their account and your client can then use that credit to book a class with you.

For example if your class costs $10 per session you might decide that after spending $100 (or booking 10 classes) they can have their next class for free. So awesome of you!

This is all fully automated, all you have to do is decide how much you want your clients to spend before they get a reward.

8. To develop an awesome client database

The most valuable asset that a business has is its client database and with your online store with HealthyGirl HQ you automate the process of collecting client details.

Every time a new client makes a booking, you will receive their prized details including their name, email address and phone number. This is super valuable information that you can use for email marketing and client relationship building.

These are just some of the ways group fitness instructors can use HealthyGirl HQ to run and grow their business. Check out HealthyGirl HQ now, find out more in our Marketplace Features guide or add your classes now.